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3D technology and 3D design services are developing strongly and becoming popular in all areas of life. The 3D design process consists of specific steps and stages that differ from 2D design and other areas. Below,  3D Shop Vietnam will introduce the usual 3D design process.

What is 3D design?

3D design is the process of creating 3-dimensional models on computer graphics software. With 3D models, we can rotate, zoom in / out to view objects at different angles. 3D designs can be used for 3D printing, simulation, games, construction, engineering, …

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3D Design Process – 3D Shop Vietnam

The 3D design process consists of a number of basic and sequential processes throughout the following:

Brainstorming ideas for 3D design models

Based on the needs of customers about the function and ideas of the product, the designer will continue to develop the shape, size, color, material, … of the product. All these factors ensure to meet the needs, giving customers the most satisfaction.

Outline product design template

This is an important stage in the design of samples because it carries the task of concretizing the designer’s ideas. Through the sketch; Customers and designers can edit the product according to the best plan and come to an agreement. This eliminates the limitations and saves time in the design process on the software.

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3D design on the computer with specialized software

At this highly specialized stage; The designer will use the software to create models on the computer. This model will complete details of the shape, size, color, …

Quy trình thiết kế 3D

Print the prototype

3D designs will be tested by a 3D printer for review and customer review before final printing. 3D printing is the most effective and practical solution at the moment.

The above common 3D design process brings great quality and efficiency to 3D printed products; Ensure to meet the needs of customers.

Quy trình thiết kế 3D

3D design services – Reverse engineering

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