Cheap segment 3D Scanner

Scan 3D bức điêu khắc gỗ bằng máy quét Thunk3D Fisher W

Cheap segment 3D Scanner

Since the early 70s, 3D Laser Triangulation has paved the way for new technologies capable of 3D object scanning. Often intended for industries, this tool has now evolved, allowing consumers to buy cheap 3D scanners.

List: Cheap segment 3D scanner

10. Thunk3D Fisher Handheld – Thunk3D

3D scanner by Thunk3D, a 3D scanning technology company based in China, is mainly used in the wood industry, but also has many applications in mechanical engineering, architecture and design. It can capture 3D scanned images in just 3 percent of a second, with standard deviations of up to 0.04mm. The selling price of this device in Vietnam market is from $ 5000-6500. You can buy a scanner at 3D Shop Vietnam

Máy quét 3D phân khúc giá rẻ

9. Einscan 3D PRO – Shining 3D

Einscan 3D PRO is a product of Shining3D (TQ). As an alternative to Thunk3D, this handheld 3D scanner can scan at speeds of around 300,000 data points per second with an accuracy of 0.05-2mm. Einscan 3D Pro sells for $ 4500 – 5500, while the more advanced version, Einscan 3D Pro Plus ranges from $ 8,500 – 10,000 (price includes software, tripod, turntable, etc.).

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8. Fuel3D – Scanify

The 3D scanner from Fuel3D was created by engineers at Oxford University and is designed for the medical field. To raise money for the project, Fuel3D created a crowdfunding campaign (Crowd-funding) and raised more than $300,000.

The scanner has a dual laser set and the camera is capable of recording in a tenth of a second. The Scanify 3D scanner can scan details up to 0.25mm precisely, ideal for scanning human faces. The cost of the scanner starts from $1,490.

Máy quét 3D phân khúc giá rẻ

7. Thunk3D Cooper C20 Desktop Scanner:

Thunk3D Cooper C20 is one of the desktop 3D scanners of Thunk3D technology (China). At a price of $ 1,199.00, the Cooper C2 has an accuracy of up to 0.08mm and a scanning speed of 3.3s / image, along with an automatic turntable, enabling users to scan the entire object in 3 minutes.

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6. Digitizer – Makerbot

Digitizer is one of the first popular 3D scanners to appear on the market. Designed by Makerbot’s team, it is based on the Laser Triangulation process, including a 1.3 megapixels CMOS sensor.

The stationary scanner is equipped with a rotary table, providing an accuracy of about 0.5mm. MakerWare software that comes with the device has also been significantly improved from day one. The Digitizer starts at just $ 799.

Máy quét 3D phân khúc giá rẻ

5. David Starter Kit V2 – David Laserscanner

David Laserscanner, a German manufacturer, created several models of 3D scanners. The Starter Kit V2 is the lowest version, using laser scanning technology. The scanner comes with David-4 software, which helps to merge all the scan steps once the scan is complete.

The scanner set can achieve up to 0.2 mm accuracy and requires manual scanning of entire objects. Starting at $ 680, this is an interesting option for the low-cost 3D scanner market.

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4. Matter and form

Matter and Form 3D scanner from Canadian company Matter and Form. With 2 laser light sources, it allows scanning objects up to a height of 25 cm and a diameter of 18cm. It possesses a high-resolution CMOS sensor and is a competitor of Digitizer (MakerBot), capable of scanning to an accuracy of 0.43mm.

The scanner is compatible with Windows 7 and above, as well as iOS 10.7+ and starts at $ 519.

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3. Cubify Sense (3D Systems)

3D Systems is one of the first companies to enter the 3D printing market, manufacturing 3D printer Stereolithography since the 80s. Today, they have introduced 3D Sense scanners. This is one of the most popular 3D segment scanners on the market and can scan large volumes, from 200 x 200 x 200mm up to 2 square meters. The scanning width of the machine reaches 179 x 129 x 330 mm and precision reaches 0.9mm.

Operating with Irradiation technology, Cubify Sense comes with simple interface software and interesting post-processing tools. The scanner costs $ 399 and is compatible with both Windows 7+ and iOS 10.7+ operating systems.

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2. The Structure Sensor:

The scanner can be attached directly to an Apple tablet or smartphone. After downloading the related applications, you can scan 3D models continuously for up to 4 hours.

With 119 x 28 x 29 mm and 95g weights, this is one of the smallest 3D scanners in the world. Accuracy can reach 0.5mm and is offered for sale at $ 399.

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1. Microsoft Kinect

Originally developed specifically for Microsoft’s XBOX gaming console, the device was quickly improved by 3D designers for full-color 3D scanning of objects. It uses an infrared sensor and a 480-megapixel RGB camera. Microsoft Kinect has a very affordable price, only $ 99.99.

To turn Kinect into a 3D scanner, several software programs have been developed, such as Skanect, Shapify, ReconstructMe, and Volumental. Since then, Microsoft has developed its own application, “3D Scan,” and incorporated it into the company’s 3D construction software.

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