Consulting to choose the 3D printer as a 3D printing service

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Consulting to choose the 3D printer as a 3D printing service

If you use a 3d printer for printing services, the following criteria should be considered:


The size or printing size of a 3d printer is very important. Depending on your printing needs, choose an appropriate printer size. If you do 3d printing, you will have many customers in different industries. Each industry has its own size requirements. So if you choose the printer size is too small will not be sufficient to meet the printing needs of customers. If you choose to print too large size without using will lead to very wasteful. 

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Using as a service for prototype products, there is no need for the device to be overly precise. However, if your customer requires a 3D printing service to produce objects for use or technical details, you should choose a high-precision 3d printer for you of every customer. With small details and need absolute accuracy, invest yourself in a DLP / SLA machine.


Print speed

Print speed is also quite important in service. If you do not meet your customers’ time, they may not choose your service. Therefore, you should choose a printer that can achieve high print speed while ensuring aesthetics and accuracy for printing objects.

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Maintenance and support

The problem when using the 3d printer is unavoidable with any of its 3D printers. So which printer to choose to limit problems? Does the vendor of the 3d printer have maintenance mode? Are spare parts easy to find?

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If you are in Vietnam, you can refer to the 3D printer made in Vietnam. SDLs Mx 3d printers are currently very reliable FDM 3d printers in Vietnam. SDLs Mx Vietnam’s 3D printers are manufactured by Smart Design Labs, warranted, maintained, and have live support and remote support. This is a reliable 3d printer to choose from.


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