How to handle 3D PLA plastic printing

Cách xử lý sau in 3D nhựa ABS

How to handle 3D PLA plastic printing

The process of 3D printing usually only accounts for 70% of production and prototyping. It is the post-processing that requires the time and effort of the user to achieve the desired look for the product. 3DShop Vietnam would like to instruct how to handle PLA 3D printing after printing to achieve the best quality 3D printed model possible.

Eliminate plastic Support system

The plastic support system is almost indispensable in FDM 3D printing, especially for complex 3D printed objects. The support plastic treatment can be pre-calculated to improve print surface quality.

Plastic supports have 2 types: soluble and insoluble.

Có thể hòa tan

The material can be dissolved in water or certain chemicals. PVA resin, commonly used as a support material for 3D PLA printing products, can decay in water.

Cách xử lý sau in 3D nhựa PLA


Insoluble support resins are common 3D printing plastic materials (PLA, ABS, etc.), or are used with single-nozzle 3D printers. This type of support must be removed manually, either by hand or with a cutting pliers.

Cách xử lý sau in 3D nhựa PLA


Rough polishing is one of the most popular 3D post-processing methods, applicable to all FDM 3D printing materials at very low cost. However, users need to wear protective gear (masks), because sandpaper can spread very small dust particles that can be harmful if inhaled.

Cách xử lý sau in 3D nhựa PLA


A simple overlay is to overlay a 3D printed object with a base coat before coating it on the desired paint color. Before painting, 3D printed objects should be sandpapered first to remove 3D printed lines.

After the model has dried, the watercolor can be painted with a brush or a paint bottle.


Many small 3D printing parts can be glued to form a single product. This is usually done when a product is too big. The print size of 3D printers is limited and cannot be printed in one block.

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