What is the most popular FDM 3D printer?

fdm 3d printer

In addition to the diversity Of 3d printing technology (FDM, SLA, DLP, SLS,…), there are also many models Of FDM 3D printer, namely 4 types: Cartesian, Delta, Polar and robotic arm. 

FDM Cartesian 3D Printer

The FDM Cartesian 3D printer is the most popular FDM 3D printer in the market. Based on the Cartesian coordinate system in mathematics, the technology uses the X-Y-Z coordinate system to accurately position and move the nozzle’s direction. With this printer, the print table usually moves only in the Z axis, while the nozzle is active in 2 dimensions X-Y.

Two current FDM Cartesian series of 3DShop are CreatBot 3D printers And SDLls 3D printers.

fdm 3d printer
Most popular FDM SDLs 3D printers

fdm 3d printer
Most popular FDM CreatBot 3D printers

FDM Delta 3D Printer

Delta 3D printers are gradually becoming more popular on the FDM 3D printing Market, with a new product developed by Olier Tolar and Denis Herrmann of the University of Zurich, Switzerland. This printer works on a 6-axis model, based on Delta technology. The machine uses the Cartesian coordinate system.

The machine operates with 1 round, fixed-temperature, stable, and connected nozzle at 3 points in the triangle. Each connection point will shift up or down, thereby controlling the position and moving direction of the print head.


FDM Polar 3D Printer

Polar 3D Printers do not specify the nozzle location based on X, Y, Z coordinates, but by angular and length, which means that the printed table simultaneously has just moved, with the nozzle moving up and down.

The main advantage of the FDM Polar 3D printer is to use only 2 engines, compared to the Cartesian 3D printer that uses at least 3 engines. In the long-term, the 3D Polar printer consumes more efficient power and can create larger 3D printing objects that still save area.

FDM 3D printer using robotic arm

Robotic arms are often used in assembly machines on automatic conveyor belts, especially in large automobile production plants. While 3D printing has gradually applied robotic arm to manufacturing process, the technology is still in the research and development phase.

Although not uncommon, this 3D printing method is gradually being used more. This method is more flexible because it is not attached to a printed table. In addition, the flexible robotic arm helps to build more complex structures. However, the quality of the printed sample was not good with traditional Cartesian 3D printers.

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