Reverse engineering helps accelerate and reduce product development costs

Reverse engineering is still a strange term today. However, it brings many benefits, especially for manufacturing industries. The biggest benefit is to help speed up and reduce product development costs.

What is reverse engineering?

Reverse Engineering: Reverse engineering is the process of quickly designing a given model or model through the process of digitizing the sample surface with a coordinate measuring device. From there, build a new design model based on that digitized data thanks to reverse engineering software. Thus, it is possible to copy, reproduce products or adjust design models to produce more innovative products.


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Benefit from reverse engineering technology?

Reverse engineering is an area of ​​high specific expertise. It must ensure accuracy, need handling techniques. However, the benefits of this technology are extremely large and close. Reverse design based on 3D scan file, available items. So will shorten production time.

Manufacturers apply this technology, the reproduction process is also easier and faster. Just based on the old data, then edit is to have a new quality product. It helps to shorten a few stages without having to start over.



This technology can be applied in every manufacturing industry or every field. From fashion, health care, light industry to heavy industry: cars, ships, military …

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In Vietnam, businesses should capture and apply more technologies to optimize their production processes. The development of industries, products and services will create a solid economy.

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