Using 3D printing services in modern medicine

Using 3D printing services in modern medicine has brought about achievements and significant benefits for people. In the field of medicine and health care, 3D printing technology is applied to the production of body organs, drug formulation and the manufacture of medical equipment.

Using 3D printing services in modern medicine

Sử dụng dịch vụ in 3D trong y học

Biological printing is the most amazing and promising application of 3D printing in medicine. With 3D bio-printers, medical professionals can print drugs, bones, teeth, tissue, organs … used in research, teaching and practical treatment.

Some 3D printing service applications in medicine

Biological model

Xương hộp sọ được tạo bởi dịch vụ in 3D

With 3D printing technology, scientists can create models and structures for use in teaching and research. These models help doctors to choose the optimal method for surgeries, significantly reducing surgical time and complications.

Organs of the body

Bàn tay được tạo bởi dịch vụ in 3D

Making prosthetics in the traditional way is often time-consuming, laborious, and financial. Using 3D printing services in medicine also brings a new direction for the creation of organs and organs on the human body. Currently, many laboratories have used 3D printers to print prosthetics with lower cost and faster time. Some organs on the body are also 3D printed such as antibacterial teeth, bones, heart valves, …

Medical equipment

Thiết bị y tế được tạo bởi dịch vụ in 3DTypical medical devices can also be obtained using the 3D printing service. This is a great step forward in the field of human medicine, serving human health benefits.

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