What is a dishwasher? Benefits of dishwashers.

Máy rửa bát SDLS dishwasher

What is a dishwasher?

Dishwashers are a type of machine that works to support the automatic washing of dishes, bowls, plates, glasses, saucepans, pots, etc. The machine has the structure and working principle based on the force of the vortex to wash the dishes completely.

                                       SDLS dishwasher


Principle of operation dishwasher

Unlike hand-washing dishes that rely on scrubbing power and dishwashing liquid to clean, dishwashers mainly use the spray power of water.

When operating, the mixture of water and detergent splashes with high pressure to clean the stains on the dishes. Meanwhile, the inner shelves rotate to change positions, increasing the likelihood of contact.

Máy rửa bát SDLS dishwasher
                         SDLS dishwasher

After the flushing process, the machine will dry dishes and kitchen utensils with hot air. The majority of the washing time is about 25-35 minutes. Power consumption is about 1-2 Kwh, water consumption is about 10-20 liters.

Besides, the machine also has many different washing programs. You can flexibly use programs like quick wash, economical wash, or deep wash, etc.

Máy rửa bát SDLS dishwasher

Benefits of dishwashers

This machine helps clean dishes become faster. Thus, we save time for more meaningful jobs.

Strong, deep and bactericidal washing, drying, is essential for dishes used by children.

No harm to skin.

In addition, in the Northern regions of our country which have cold weather in winter, buying a dishwasher really relieves some of the burden of housewives in the family. Therefore, in today’s busy and modern life, choosing to buy a dishwasher becomes a consideration for housewives.


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