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PLA is a printing resin that is used a lot in 3D printing because of its advantages. PLA is a printing plastic that is widely used in 3d printing because of its advantages. PLA has many colors but why engineers often choose to use white or black PLA. Let us help you with the answers in this article. 

PLA has many colors

  • 3D printed resin has the form of fiber or liquid,…. Each type of plastic has many colors to choose from such as: white, black, yellow, orange, blue, red, gray, … Depending on the purpose of the 3D printing product, users can choose the appropriate color.
  • After finished, 3d printed plastic have to be surface treated: smoothing, painted in color,… Therefore, for easy post-printing processing, users often choose for themselves the basic color black or white..
white or black pla
PLA has many colors

Why is white or black PLA chosen to buy more than others?

  • Users often choose white or black PLA 3d printed resin because these are the two basic colors, it is the color of many things.
  • White or black PLA 3d printed resin will be easy for surface treatment and paint color scheme for the finished product before being put into use.
  • White or black PLA 3D printing resin is always available in most of the suppliers of 3d printing materials, so that users always prioritize choosing black or white printing resins instead of other resin colors.
White or black PLA
White PLA

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What are the printed resin colors at 3D shop in Vietnam?

  • Coming to 3dshop Vietnam, you can freely choose the appropriate resin colors. Especially, the white PLA resin at 3dshop is porcelain white, giving a clear feeling, the filament is glossy and has a good viscosity, ensuring that the finished product when printed has high accuracy and does not warp.

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